About Us


Lily-Rose House of Beauty is a Aesthetics Nail and beauty salon based in Amington Tamworth. Treatments are delivered by Fully Insured professionals with full up to date training on Aesthetics, Nails and other beauty treatments.

We are Sister Company to Flamingo Bay Tanning Studio 23, St Marys Way, Amington, Tamworth. B77 4EY 01827 319806 - Ergoline State of the art beds the lastest available on todays market.

Located 1 door up from us here at Lily-Rose House Of Beauty 

We are always looking for new treatments that stand out from the crowd so be sure if something new comes out were looking.

We wanted to provide luxury treatments that make a difference to us and make us look and feel good about ourselves. As we get older we need to take a little extra care of ourselves and we can provide these treatments for you.

We offer plenty of  parking located both sides of our shop for our customers and guaranteed a free space.

We decided to take our services a little further and bring our own lash range out 

made from the highest grade of fibres making them stand out with quality sassiness and Glamourous.

With Care our lashes will last you upto 25+ times you can even wash them with care to keep them clean. 

 We have 21 Styles to date including Magnetic Lashes.  These are available at our salon in Tamworth or you can purchase from us here online from our shop.

We offer lots of products you can buy online we feel our customers will love.


We make continuous efforts to provide an outstanding delivery coupled with Luxury Products and affordable prices online. We value our customers, and we are always working on offering the highest quality at every opportunity.


Lily-Rose Lashes offers a multitude of things, whether you are looking for lashes that makes your eyes pop and seem bigger for any occassion, or looking for the natural llok for work or daytime.

So don’t you worry, we got your back, and we have everything that you will ever need! to look good and feel confident.

We are striving to provide our products to the most extensive variety of people from different subcultures as possible, we don’t cater to just one person or one background, and we want to inspire our customers looking for new ideas in the beauty world and make them feel and look their absolute best!


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Our passion ensures the most effortless process to purchase and making our service goes beyond weekdays. We're here for you 24/7.





Make sure to contact us, and thank you for visiting our website full of Professional Treatments or Browsing our Shop.