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Younger youthful skin 

3D Trilogyice

Photo Skin Rejuvenation  

 3D Trilogyice Skin Rejuvenation 

We are delighted to offer the new 3D TRILOGY ICE Skin Rejuvenation Facial .

Skin Rejuvenation treatment is perfect for clients looking to even the skins colour, reduce the appearance of pigmentation and plump the skin.  Can be used on all areas of the body but especially good for the face, Neck, Decollete and hands.

The Light energy delivers into the deeper layers of the skin employing volumetric heating of the dermal tissue.  This energy is delivered at a low output and the pulses are delivered rapidly to collectively heat the dermal tissue.

The melanin content in the skin acts as a chromophore to the light energy, as this energy hits the melanin it causes direct heat on the exposed cells causing DNA damage not only in those cells but also the surrounding tissue.

The darker patches of the melanin will absorb more of the light energy, creating a greater amount of heat in those cells.  Any trauma to skin tissue will create a response from the body via macrophage infiltration, removing damaged cells through the bodies natural lymph System, this will trigger fibroblast (Collagen & Elastin) stimulation to grow.

This treatment is progressive and a course of 3 - 6 sessions every 4 weeks are recommended for best results.

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Plumper Brighter Skin 

3D Skin Rejuvenation is an innovative, three-tiered approach to restore healthy skin and rejuvenate the appearance. Through a series of cutting-edge procedures, 3D Rejuvenation treats all layers of the skin, addressing multiple problem areas at one time. 

The Power of 3

Trilogy ice combines the proven benefits of three wavelengths achieving maximum results and versatility when compared to single wavelength alternatives.

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Photo Rejuvenation 

 photo skin rejuvenation, which targets age spots, pigmentation and sun-damaged skin, which can be tricky skin conditions to overcome.



we believe an advanced approach can help make the difference for a more even skin tone that restores glow and lifts your confidence.

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The Face, Neck, Décolleté & Hands

can be treated


Suitable for all skin types including tanned skin.
Gradual heating of the dermis avoids injury to the surrounding skin.


Our photo rejuvenation treatment uses leading laser technology


ICE technology cools the skin surface preventing side effects & allowing for a  painless experience.





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Patch Test

A small patch test is required on the skin at least 48 hours prior to your first session to ensure safety & suitability for treatment.

Treatment Application


3D-Trilogyice in motion protocol ensures safe, comfortable and effective hair removal on all skin types. Rather than exposing hair follicles the single high energy pulses the Trilogy in motion protocol works by gradually heating the dermis and damaging hair follicles whilst avoiding injury to the surrounding tissue. The Trilogy in motion protocol of moving the applicator over the treatment area quickly enables full coverage whilst the contact cooling system ensures virtually pain free and effective hair removal.

3D Trilogyice - Pre-Treatment Advice  

  • Pre-Treatment Advice Bleach or depilatory creams should not be used for 2 weeks before or during the

       Trilogy Ice treatment course

  • Do not use products containing retinol or strong AHA fruit acids prior to or during your hair removal treatment

  • No waxing, plucking or threading during the course Do not sunbathe  4 weeks prior to and after treatment

  • Body or facial scrubs are recommended 1 week or less before treatment to avoid ingrown hairs

3D Trilogyice - Post-Treatment Advice  

 Expected side effects

  • Erythema

  • Swelling

  • Perifollicular Oedema (Swelling at the hair entrance)

  • Post Care No hot baths or showers – tepid only

  • No heat treatments i.e. saunas and steam rooms

  • No deodorant, perfumes or scented body lotions/creams

  • No swimming or Jacuzzis

  • No steam ironing or cooking over boiling saucepans

  • SPF 30+ must be worn on exposed skin daily

3D Trilogyice - Contra-Indications 





Thrombosis or Thrombophlebitis

Infectious Diseases - Hepatitis & Aids

Active Skin Preparations

Photosensitive medications including Non-Prescriptive

Gold Injections (Inflammatory Joint Diseases)

Self Tanning Products

Metal Pins & Plates in the treatment area

Vitiligo (skin loses its pigment cells - melanocytes).

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